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Our Story

Cheaux Love was started in 2012 on the campus of Valdosta State University. Originally, our goal was to spread a positive message to our peers through fashion, "appreciate life , by appreciating someone else's."


Shortly after, we realized that our message should not be contained to just fashion, which lead us to hosting our first community event, "Give A Sole." 

“Give A Sole” was inspired in Rochester, New York and brought a community effort that provided unfortunate children with footwear in a very innovative way. Give A Solecomprised of a weekend filled with laughter, a great number of social events, and an all out great time. A charity basketball tournament was presented to the local community as the main event of the weekend providing opportunity of a grand prize for the winning team.

We encouraged individuals to donate shoes and any other items they felt would benefit the youth of the area. All shoes donated throughout the weekend were cleaned and given to the local community center. Expressing “love” back to our community one "sole" at a time is the primary purpose behind the event. This event taught us and others that something so little as a pair of shoes can establish a positive change within today's generation.

Since, we’ve been dedicated to finding innovative ways to encourage our peers to support the next generation and communities they reside in. Our support over the years have come in a variety of ways, and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. We have exceeded what we set out to do, spreading and influendcing positive change. Now, just imagine what we can achieve together!

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