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Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

Projects: Programs

Project Warm UP

Tackling the Issue

Project Warm Up was created to take action on the increasing social issue of homelessness occurring in the country, but more significantly in our home Atlanta, GA.

Each year as the holiday season approaches, we gear up to serve the underserved to help make their holiday a more memorable one. Throughout our efforts we collect blankets, jackets, hats, and other items that are use to keep someone in need warm in the winter. 

We partner with organizations that serve and house youth and families in need throughout metro Atlanta for this project. These organizations engage minority youth with intentional programming that will interrupt negative behaviors, replacing them with more adaptive ones, which promote long-term health and wellness in our communities. 

Greenhouse Project

Making a Difference (Hunger)

The goal of the Greenhouse Project is to teach our young people the value of eating healthy and growing their own food. Due to COVID-19 this project was limited to us only providing outreach throughout the beginning of the pandemic. 


We were able to partner with local community organizations to receive fresh produce and other items to deliver to families in need. Through the summer we identified 60 families who were the recipients of fresh produce, groceries, and precooked meals. We will be continuing our efforts with virtual garden classes to teach young people how they can start a garden at home.


Project Clean Up

Doing What’s Needed (Taking Care of Home)

In 2016 we adopted Marbut Road in Lithonia, GA. Lithonia is home to us, and it was important to show the youth in the area the importance of taking care of their community. The goal if this project is to teach our youth the negative impacts of littering as well as the importance of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. Since starting this project we've expanded to several communities around Metro Atlanta.

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