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Cape Coast Court


Community Basketball

Court Proposal

Cape Coast, Ghana

Understanding & Approach

During our time in Cape Coast, Ghana for The PANAFEST Festival, we had the opportunity to speak with residents of the community about what value we could bring to them, which is how this project came about. The local school has an empty slab of land that is next to their soccer field, this is where they have a make-shift basketball goal attached to the wall, and kids in the community play basketball. With this initiative, our goal is to not only build a complete court but also to promote great opportunities for those in the region. With access to the right resources, youth can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential.

Indeed, basketball is an excellent tool to mold a person to be a better and well-rounded individual. Also, it is one of the sports that is not as popular in the region but has been growing in recent years. Moreover, many young people have recently been introduced to basketball through various programs, and the impact has been astounding. Many youths who have been inspired by basketball have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and much more. The number of African players in the world’s major basketball leagues is increasing, and Africa is full of talented young players who can play top-level basketball at national and international levels. But many careers are hampered by limited access to qualified coaching, decent equipment, and quality facilities. Not only will this basketball court help youth in the region to enhance lifelong skills, but also will promote connection within the diaspora.

Having this court built in this community will allow youth an opportunity to not only learn a new hobby and skill but also will grant opportunities for youth in the community and surrounding areas to be provided resources, connections, and opportunities in their community. Within fashioning an environmentof love, we will enable youth participants to evolve personal values and reach their full potential.

Why This is Needed

Sports is one of the most effective ways to impact Education and Economic Development.

Facilities are key to reaching these goals and one of the most severe problems on the African continent is the lack of such infrastructures. Without it, the game cannot grow, and kids cannot play. The adequate infrastructure to build & maintain courts does not exist in most nations.

Economic Impact

The construction and maintenance of basketball facilities can create local jobs and stimulate the economy, benefitting both the host community and potential American investors. Social Integration: Sports have the power to bridge societal gaps and unite communities. A basketball court can become a hub for people of all backgrounds to come together and engage in healthy competition.

Promoting Sports Diplomacy

Investing in sports infrastructure, like basketball courts, fosters goodwill and cultural exchange between nations. It strengthens diplomatic ties and showcases American values such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

Cultural Exchange

By introducing basketball to Cape Coast, America can share its culture and values, fostering mutual understanding and respect among people from different backgrounds.

Global Outreach

Expanding basketball to Africa offers American sports organizations and brands an opportunity to reach a new, enthusiastic fan base. This can lead to partnerships, sponsorships, and increased market presence.

Youth Development

Basketball provides a constructive outlet for youth, promoting physical fitness, discipline, and teamwork. Investing in such opportunities helps create a healthier and more empowered generation in Cape Coast and contributes to the future success of the youth in the region.

Talent Development

Building courts in Africa can identify and nurture basketball talent, potentially leading to African players competing in American leagues like the NBA. This enhances the global appeal of the sport.

Basketball Dunk
Basketball Player


Behind The Project

The Cheaux Love Project initiative is to promote opportunities that can fulfill the needs of youth as well as the community at large. The Cheaux Love Project's motivation is to build a basketball court in conjunction with the Pan African Historical Festival (PANAFEST). It is a bi-annual festival that celebrates people of Africa and of African descent in the Diaspora through art, culture, music, dance, and theatre. Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all Indigenous and diaspora peoples of African ancestry. With the roots of the Panafest being that peoples of African descent have common interests and should be unified, we are bringing unique experiences to youth in the United States and in Africa to teach them about the culture of one another. This will ultimately help us in connecting the younger generations of youth to youth in other parts of the world from the diaspora who are very similar to them in different ways.

And what better way to teach youth in Ghana about Black Americans and their culture than basketball? Basketball has become a reflection of black culture, much in the form of jazz and blues music represented black culture in the American past. Especially to lower-class blacks in the inner cities of America, basketball has become one of the most expressive modes of cultural expression -- much like music, literature, and fashion in other forms. It has become a ritual of expression. With the sport of basketball starting to grow on the continent more rapidly, with the addition of the Basketball Africa League, FIBA Africa tripling its number of participating countries since starting, and the various organizations building new basketball courts around the continent to increase accessibility; it has been a vector for growth and development for the individuals and the community at large. Sports can offer an extraordinary tool for accelerating the development of this young generation of Africans. They teach discipline, self- confidence, team spirit, and respect for others. We need these character traits to help these young people move forward and create opportunities.

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti

During our time in Haiti, we had the pleasure of volunteering at a local school.

The kids there were excited to play basketball with volunteers on the goal they had on campus.

The connection that basketball brought us with the students was abundant and genuine.

The students enjoyed showing us what they knew about a popular sport in our country, as well as the opportunity to learn pointers from more experienced than they were used to. We are recreating this same experience for the youth in Ghana but on a larger scale!

Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle
Outdoor Basketball Game

Aims & Objectives

Sports is one of the most effective ways to impact education and economic development. Facilities and exposure are key to reaching the overall goal of the project at hand. And ironically one of the most severe problems on the African continent is the lack of infrastructure. Without it, the game cannot grow, and kids cannot play. The adequate infrastructure to build & maintain courts does not exist in most nations. In Cape Coast youth are facing many challenges which are associated with lacking an extra activity such as sports (basketball) after school hours. In order to improve student performance in both elementary and secondary schools in Cape Coast and their transition into healthy adulthood. The Cheaux Love Project is spearheading this project and will lead the fundraising efforts to build out the court and facilitate activities. This project will involve the following activities

Sponsor & Partnership


The project will be overseen by Cheaux Love as the lead organization to conduct the overall project management. We will be in constant communication with local community representatives and representatives at the school, where the plot of land sits to build the court. We are looking for organizations that have experience with building courts overseas and can assist with the overall build-out and preliminary planning stages. We would love for all sponsors and partners of this project to have their logo displayed permanently on the finished court. We thank you in advance for your help in bringing this vision that the people of Cape Coast, Ghana brought to us, to life.

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